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About Community Fieldhouse

Our Story

We set out on an adventure to invest in our vibrant community in the midst of the pandemic. The concept started out as land, grew to a sports venue, and somehow finished as one the largest restaurants in Houston. After three years and through many brick walls, we are grateful to present the first Community Fieldhouse.


We’ve been together since junior year at The Woodlands High School. Renee a Highstepper with Louisiana roots and Shane a soccer player originally from Kansas. Renee studied nursing and teaching at TCU and HBU while Shane attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. Shane was abroad much of ten years flying helicopters for Army Special Operations Aviation. Army experience comes with a uniquely strong sense of community and friendship, values we hope to share at the Fieldhouse. We came home to Houston in 2016 with children now 16, 14, and 11. Shane continues to work for an amazing midstream energy company downtown. This is a whole family affair, and our family has grown to include an incredible staff of over 50 people.


Building a 16-acre site as a small business was no walk in the park. We coordinated with multiple government agencies, municipalities, engineers, contractors, etc permitting from 2021 through start of construction in Feb 2023. Susanne McLeod joined the ride early and we couldn’t have made it all happen without her positive attitude and perseverance. A big shout-out goes to Danny Otwell of DSO Construction, who started with us over a flag football sideline dream. There are many other friends and family, some of which prefer to be nameless, that we owe our deepest gratitude. Our kids have learned the ups and downs of entrepreneurship along with the maddening patience that a field of dreams takes. They rock, and we hope you see them smiling, perhaps with a mop in hand. 


All told the Community Fieldhouse includes a building of 1.6 acres under one roof, three indoor multi-sport courts, an indoor field, golf sim, batting cages, 2k square foot multipurpose room, great bathrooms, huge patio with outdoor courts and turf play area, 500+ parking spots, two outdoor lit turf fields, full bar and restaurant, and initials in a little piece of concrete. We’re excited for you to enjoy the menu crafted by Chef Derrick Johnson and team, and we may see you at Community Fitness with Coach Andy Benear. Expect some pickup games, community events, and watch for sports clinics by Coach Ammon Worthen. We have some wonderful leagues for kids and adults that stepped up to service the community, filled with caring coaches and staff of their own. We have always loved music, so we built this place to quickly morph into a large concert hall. For our artists, we so look forward to seeing your art on display! We plan to help rally this community around our school sports teams and hope you join in. Lastly, we thank you in advance for your patronage and welcome your feedback. 


We invite you to come build meaningful relationships with your neighbors through sports, dining, and entertainment. It takes a village, they say. This one’s ours. Let’s dream big!

-Renee and Shane Sullivan

There but for the grace of God go I 

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